v1.0.0 Summary Chapter 4: Handling settings 4. Introduction 4.3. Appearance settings

4.3. Appearance settings

This widget is used to configure the font style and color settings for graphical objects. For each object element, there is a combo box item that uniquely identifies it. The preview model changes as the user alter the style configuration. Note that some attributes may be not available depending on the currently selected element.

Option Description
Element Identifies the currently configured style item.
Font Defines the font family for the current element. Additionally, the user can specify the font size (in points) and the attributes bold, italic, and underline.
Colors Defines each color attribute for the current element. For graphical objects, there are three configurable colors. The first two are the fill color (gradient) and the last one is the border color. For font style elements there is only one color available that is the foreground color.

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