pgModeler 0.9.0-alpha1 is out!
Bringing lots of improvements that really worth the update!

After almost four months of work we finally delivered important improvements in the design process that were requested long time ago as well several bug fixes that will make pgModeler even better to work with. If you follow the discussions in the Github community you're pretty aware that many enhancements are requested by our users. You also might know that one of the most awaited features in this project is the quick primary key creation, suggested at least 3 years ago. Well, this wait is over my friend because I'm proud to announce that this improvement is finally done! We also have introduced in this release: the object fading which will facilitate the model visualization, the ability to duplicate objects in the model, a better SQL history that is now persisted in its own file which is restored whenever the user connects to a database, and much more. In this post I will describe in details what this release have brought.

New year, new site and a lot of great things to come!
Old site retirement, update in the pricing model and new pgModeler versioning

Do you remember that old fashioned, clunky and outdated web site? Say goodbye to it because today it is being officially declared RETIRED for the sake of all the people who follow this project since 2012 when pgModeler gained the world! Now, If you were one of the persons who supported our beloved project by purchasing a download subscription in any moment between 2012 and today (January, 08), you sure remember the confusing monetization model, right? Forget it too... We have simplified it. Finally, the software versioning schema will receive an important change starting this year for a good reason. In this post I'll give details about all I have done so far and what I have planned to this project.