pgModeler 0.9.1 is finally here!
An important milestone for the project.

After eight months of hard work we finally have the stable release 0.9.1. This version is a mark in the pgModeler's development and so important as the release 0.8.2 in terms of improvements because it brought features requested long ago and that will make pgModeler even better to work with, being some of them: crow's foot notation support, multiple relationships for the same table pair, support to row level security, identity columns and much more. For this release specifically (considering only the work after 0.9.1-beta1), the golden rule was to fix bugs, adjust the current features and introduce few new things and thus was done: 21 bug fixes, 14 changes/improvements and 7 new features. Checkout the details in the full post!

The release 0.9.1-beta1 is done and comes with lots of news!
Multiple relationships, RLS support, identity columns and much more.

Finally we've reached the last beta release of the 0.9.1! This time pgModeler brings important fixes and new features requested long ago which are finally implemented in experimental stage. For this release we have the support to multiples relationships for the same pair of tables, support to missing features brought by recent PostgreSQL versions such as row level security (RLS) and identity columns. We also have several improvements and bug fixes that will make pgModeler even better to work with. Checkout the full post for details of the most relevant features introduced.