I proudly present you pgModeler 0.9.4!
Lots of improvements that close the series 0.9.x and boot up 1.x.

It was quite a challenge to develop version 0.9.4 during the year 2021 but we finally made it, the last pgModeler of the series 0.9.x is ready! This one has a vast set of improvements over 0.9.3, being 51 new features, 104 enhancements, and 73 bug fixes that will make a big difference in the overall usage of the tool. In this post, I'll make a recap of all key features introduced by the alpha and beta versions and talk about the end of the development cycle of the series 0.9.x and my expectations on the development of pgModeler 1.0 in the next year.

pgModeler 0.9.4-beta1 is ready!
Only one more step to the stable release.

In preparation for the next major pgModeler release, the goal of this version was to bring only improvements and fixes to what was implemented until 0.9.4-beta, and thus it was done. pgModeler 0.9.4-beta1 brings a few entries in its changelog since we didn't have serious bugs reported in the past two months. So, I decided to make some polishing in several portions of the tool as explained in this post.

It's about time! pgModeler 1.0 is starting to become a reality.
An initial roadmap for the tool's next generation

In the past 15 years, I was working hard on bringing one quality and reliable tool that could attend to the users' needs. Due to the amazing engagement of the community around pgModeler all this time, and believing that I have reached my main goal ahead of this project, it's time to give another important step: move onto the major version 1.0. In this post, I'll talk about some of my plans involving the development of the most important pgModeler ever, my current difficulties, and what to expect for the future of this project.

I'm glad to annouce pgModeler 0.9.4-beta!
Improving even more what was already really great.

This version took a bit more to be released than I expected, but it's finally here. As with any other beta version, this one brings few new features since it is more focused on polishing all that made on alpha stages in preparation for the stable version (to be released later this year). One new feature brought in 0.9.4-beta is the ability to generate GRANT and REVOKE commands to set up new role memberships through the diff process. Another addition is the support for included columns, also known as non-key columns on indexes. This release also brings several improvements in the database design process and in the SQL tool improving the overall experience on that modules. I'll explain in this post everything about this release and the next steps in the development process, so don't miss it!

pgModeler 0.9.4-alpha1 is out of the oven!
Another step towards pgModeler 1.0

After two months of intense work, we finally made it! The last alpha release of 0.9.4 is ready bringing some important fixes, changes, and interesting new features. This version introduces the ability to export the database model in split SQL scripts either in GUI or CLI. Due to the introduction of a new syntax highlighting configuration, pgModeler now creates missing configuration files at startup avoiding breaking its execution, mainly when upgrading from an older release. The user is now able to drop databases quickly from the databases listing in the SQL tool without the need to browse them before performing the exclusion. Besides, a lot of changes were made in the files structure in preparation for pgModeler 1.0 that I'll start to develop right after 0.9.4. In this post I'll detail some key features of pgModeler 0.9.4-alpha1, so don't miss it!

pgModeler 0.9.4-alpha is finally ready!
Multiple layers support, custom canvas colors and much more.

It took almost half-year to conclude the first alpha release of 0.9.4 due to several problems I was facing. Anyway, I kept working on pgModeler at a slower pace and releasing snapshot buildings until we had reached an acceptable state of maturity for an alpha release. The main improvement of this version is the support for multiple layers as well as custom colors for these entities. Additionally, we have added the ability to change the colors of the canvas elements: grid lines, background color, and page delimiter colors. Functions and procedures can now use custom configuration parameters and transform types. Finally, there were important fixes too, which include the fix to the malformed SQL code related to triggers and functions, several patches in the database importing feature, the correct loading of changelog entries registered in a database model file, and much more. In this post I'll describe some of the improvements in detail, so don't let to read it!

One year of pandemic: How it affected me and this project
A small story on how complicated was 2020 and all problems it is still causing.

Today, you not going to read about new features, bug fixes, and changes on pgModeler. Today, I decided to write this post to share a little bit of my personal life and all the problems I'm facing since this damn pandemic has started one year ago, at the same time I explain the important decision I took that will affect pgModeler for some time in 2021.