I'm glad to annouce pgModeler 0.9.4-beta!
Improving even more what was already really great.

This version took a bit more to be released than I expected, but it's finally here. As with any other beta version, this one brings few new features since it is more focused on polishing all that made on alpha stages in preparation for the stable version (to be released later this year). One new feature brought in 0.9.4-beta is the ability to generate GRANT and REVOKE commands to set up new role memberships through the diff process. Another addition is the support for included columns, also known as non-key columns on indexes. This release also brings several improvements in the database design process and in the SQL tool improving the overall experience on that modules. I'll explain in this post everything about this release and the next steps in the development process, so don't miss it!

I'm glad to announce pgModeler 0.9.3-beta!
Partial diffs, improved reverse engineering and much more!

Here we are again bringing another round of improvements to pgModeler. This release basically enhances what has been done in 0.9.3-alpha1 plus delivers an important and experimental feature: the partial diff. After a entire month exclusively dedicated to the implementation of that feature we finally have something usable. I really hope that users like this first version of the partial diff and find it pretty useful as I think it is! Other improvements brought in this release was the database import process being capable of creating sequences automatically when the columns refer them it from their default values. Additionally, the objects filtering widget introduced in 0.9.3-alpha1 was slightly redesigned by moving options to a popup menu in order to make the widget more compact and easier to use. The command line interface received lots of improvements too, from a simple menu redesign to the support to partial diff as well. Finally, seveal bugs were fixed in this release. The majority related to crashes but there was some bugs affecting mainly the database design. In this post, I explain in details the key changes in 0.9.3-beta. Don't miss it!