v1.1.0 Summary Chapter 7: Modeling tips and tricks 7. Introduction 7.22. Use scale factors when printing models

7.22. Use scale factors when printing models

pgModeler can apply a scale factor before sending the model to the printer, causing the current zoom factor to be reproduced in the printed document. This behavior needs to be activated before the printing starts, so, make sure to hit Ctrl+K or check the icon in the top actions bar. Thus, pgModeler will stop resizing the page delimiter lines when the zoom factor changes to a value below 100%. This way, the user can position more objects in the area delimited for one page. The behavior is restored to the default (no print scale factor) when the zoom is equal to or above 100%.

The image below displays a model in normal zoom (100%). Note that the model would be printed on four pages according to the page delimiters (blue dashed lines), which can be a waste of resources.

Now, if we change the zoom factor to 65%, the objects occupy only one page and still preserve readability, causing less paper to be consumed in the printed document.

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