1.2.5. Model changelog

In order to make the partial diff as user-friendly as possible, a minimalist changelog was implemented in the database model. As the name suggests, it registers any create, update or delete operation performed over any object in the model. Internally, in the XML definition, the changelog contains a set of entries each one composed by the date of the action (in local date/time), the object's signature, the type of the object, and the action taken.

In order to have some control over the model's changelog a simple widget was created and can be used to tweak the behavior of the changelog and to check some useful information like the last change made to the model and how many entries the changelog has. The widget is fully described in Chapter 6: Advanced tools.

This concludes the first chapter of this manual. From now on we will detail the majority of features available in pgModeler including the ones quickly described in this chapter. In the next chapter, some basic instructions will be given on how to use shortcuts and controls in the design process.

Mar 18, 2021 at 10:04