v1.1.0 Summary Chapter 7: Modeling tips and tricks 7. Introduction 7.8. Adding children to an object

7.8. Adding children to an object

The common way to create new objects in the database model is through the right click on the canvas area and selecting an object type in the New submenu. The problem with this approach is that all the object types will be listed which can demand time to locate the desired object type to be created.

As told in previous chapters, in pgModeler some objects are containers, which means, they are filled with children to construct the parent object as a whole. This is the case of tables, relationships, schemas, and the database itself in a major scope.

Thinking of that, pgModeler allows the user to create new objects inside the ones previously mentioned in the same way: right-clicking and selecting the child object type to be created in the New submenu. In this case, only the children's types will be listed. Once created the child object, it will be automatically added to its parent. The image below gives an example of adding new objects to a schema.

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