7.2. New object overlay

In order to accelerate even more the object's creation pgModeler includes a special floating widget called new object overlay. The goal of this widget is to rapidly expand the conventional submenu related to new object creation in a way that users can trigger the desired object's editing form through a shortcut key or by clicking one of the buttons on that widget as detailed in the image below.

This widget eliminates the need to right-click the canvas area to start inserting objects. The object listing in the overlay varies according to the selected objects on the database model. The image above shows the overlay showing all the objects possible to be inserted at database model scope, to a selected schema, and a selected table. In order to trigger the overlay just hit N to make it visible. Once displayed, you can press the shortcut key assigned to each button (the first letter or digit on the button's text) to start the creation of the desired object.

Finally, one special behavior of this overlay is the capability to create a relationship between two tables without using the conventional tool to connect them (see below). Just select the desired tables and bring the overlay on the screen and choose the relationship type you want for the two tables. Note that the order in which the tables are selected will change the semantics of the relationship to be created.

Jan 17, 2022 at 13:56