v0.9.2 Summary Chapter 6: Advanced tools 6. Introduction

6. Introduction

In order to support the user when designing models or managing databases, pgModeler introduces a set of tools that can be helpful in these two jobs. In case of modeling we have features that facilitate the navigation throughout the model, a database model structure validator, a feature to fix corrupted model files and many others.

In database management field, the user counts with a reasonably featured tool that helps to explore database structures, create database objects from code snippets or typed SQL commands and a data manager which is able to handle information held by tables and views. The complete set of advanced tools is: model overview, _magnifier tool, source code preview, model fix, model objects, operations history, model validation, objects ids swapping, object finder, model restoration, SQL tool, objects metadata handler, the command line interface and the crash handler and bug report. They will be completely detailed in the next subsections.

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