v0.9.4 Summary Chapter 3: Database objects 3. Introduction

3. Introduction

Before starting to detail the database objects, it's important to know that all objects handled by pgModeler are implemented in conformance to PostgreSQL versions 9.x to 13.x, thus, often in this chapter, the official PostgreSQL documentation will be referenced. This way, if you have any doubt about any field in the forms you can refer to section SQL commands of the official docs or to the link specified at the footnotes of each page here. It's important to note that it is not the goal of this documentation to describe in full detail all the objects in the database (or their DDL commands) but the way they are created in pgModeler.

The following sections are organized by relevancy in such a way that the most commonly used objects will be described first. In order to avoid repeatedly showing and detailing basic fields in the forms only the attributes related to the object being described will be displayed in the sample pictures.

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