1.1. Welcome view

Basically, in the image below, the most useful items from the main menu [1] are placed on the top bar [2] as well on the left bar [3]. The set of buttons [4] is the welcome view itself and each highlighted area is described as following:

  1. ** Main menu bar: ** gives access to all main operations available in pgModeler like add a new model, load model from a file, print, fix broken models, import, export, edit configurations, undo, redo and many others. Some items present in the main menu bar are available as well in the control toolbar.

  2. ** Control toolbar: ** reunites all relevant items of the main menu in a way that they can be quickly accessed by the user without the need to expand each sub menu of the main menu.

  3. ** Model editing toolbar:** reunites all available operations for the model or the selected objects (if there are any). Exceptionally, the first three buttons welcome, design and manage) are used to switch between views.

  4. Quick access buttons: these five buttons can be used to respectively open a new model, load models from the file system, load some provided sample models, load recently handled models or restore the last designing session.

As you can see some operations like new and load can appear more than once in the main window. This is one of the several easenesses that pgModeler gives to the user so he/she can quickly access a desired feature without thinking too much or seek for too long.

Feb 4, 2020 at 16:39