pgModeler 1.1.0-beta is ready and waiting for you!
Improved views and extensions handling.

Almost two months after launching 1.1.0-alpha1, I'm pleased to announce 1.1.0-beta! This version is the last to receive new features in this development cycle, and from now on, until the release of the stable 1.1.0 only bug fixes will be done. That said, my main focus on this release was to work on two things that have always bothered me since the early days of pgModeler: the view creation process and the extension data types handling. Since the codebase was mature enough, it was time to change those two aspects of the tool. So now pgModeler has a simpler way to create views instead of that old clumsy interface to configure them in previous versions. The other improvement is related to extensions which can now have multiple child data types. Finally, as always, several improvements all over to tool were made as well as some bug fixes here and there. Everything is well explained in this post, so, don't skip it!